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30 NOVEMBER 2023

Innovations in
Human-Building Interaction:
The Era of Digitalisation for Sustainability

The recent COVID-19 pandemic and associated impacts have given a glimpse of a future where indoor space is not just where people may spend most of their time but a place central to their health and wellbeing. The consistent question yet to be answered for the built environment is – How can the appropriate indoor space be achieved – a building that makes occupants happy, healthy, and productive with minimal energy use?

The recent extreme weather events like floods, earthquakes, and cyclones, now closer to our homes, offices and urban form than in the past, have reemphasised the urgent need for a more sustainable energy efficient built environment. With the imminent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the building sector must play a significant role in making the net-zero future target a reality. 

Technological innovations have become integral to advancements in the construction industry. While most of these innovations are evident in the construction phase of a building’s life cycle, the operational phase, which makes up 28% of emissions and about 90% of associated maintenance costs, has not been met with such advancements. Only recently has digitalisation begun to make its way in the building sector as an efficient approach to post-occupancy monitoring of building performance.


This panel discussion aims to facilitate an interactive session between key forerunners in building performance (designers, building performance consultants, sustainability experts and smart technology providers) on the viability of technological innovations in achieving comfort and energy efficiency in buildings towards a net-zero carbon economy. 


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